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Spiritual? Religious?

Sign- Relationship over Religion. Spiritual Living for the Non-ReligiousMany in Sonoma County think of themselves as “spiritual,” but not not necessarily “religious” and certainly not “church-type” people. That may be why on any given Sunday, no more than 8% of Petaluma residents are in a church. It’s not that the 92% don’t have a hunger for the transcendent. Most do not see the institutional church as the answer to their question. Many have spent years going to church, but find they are still hungry. Some have been wounded by the very institutions that advertised healing.

Why the Vine?

The Vine is the dream of people hungry to experience God’s love and  follow the teachings of Jesus. We are more interested in spiritual health and community service than the usual paraphernalia of institutional churches. Relationship over Religion. Non-judgmental. Forgiveness and grace over guilt and shame.

The Vine offers a safe place to explore ultimate questions, connect with God, form new friendships and experience spiritual healing. Services are designed especially for those who are hurting and seeking answers to life’s difficult questions.

Are you looking for people who are exploring relationship more than religion?

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The Vine - Petaluma

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Cowork at The Vine

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